Saturday, June 7, 2014

Plein air painting

Yesterday I got out to the Dallas Arboretum to paint with friends. The flowers are blooming and it was beautiful! Although..... Here in Texas in the summer it is HOT! It was also muggy and sweat was dripping down my back as I was painting!

I have always thought that people who plein air paint should get more money for there paintings! It's much harder and if you are not an artist, you probably don't realize how much harder it is to paint in plein air.

When I go on a plein air painting excursion, the goal is not to have a frameable painting in the end. I feel I learn more and am challenged by the colors from life that a photo can not capture. Your drawing and simplifying the scene is crucial. I find it has made me a better artist and progressed me faster than painting from photos.

Back to yesterday, I did two small paintings, neither fabulous.... With the heat, bugs, carrying equipment, making sure you have all your supplies... I forgot my wet canvas carrier and only had one trash bag. We broke for lunch and had a fabulous meal at the restaurant at the Arboretum. Air conditioning and lots of iced tea were very welcomed. It was a successful painting day!!