Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Deep Eddy Bath House

6 X 8 Oil on Canvas.  Deep Eddy Pool is a historic, man-made swimming pool in Austin, Texas, United States. Deep Eddy is the oldest swimming pool in Texas and has a bathhouse built during the Depression-era, by the Works Progress Administration. The pool began as a swimming hole in the Colorado River, became a resort in the 1920s, and is today a popular swimming pool operated by the City of Austin.

Last night Nina messaged me about painting this morning. I know everyone was thinking I gave up painting but I haven't. I painted today. Plein air even...

We decided to go to Deep Eddy because Nina thought we might get the West Nile Virus if we went to Bull Creek. I am very happy to have gotten out of the house before the heat of the day and painted. Hopefully, soon we will be out of the 100 degree weather!