Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

Saturdays and Sundays are usually not good days for painting. I usually spend the time with my husband. This Saturday the British Open was on so besides playing golf in the morning, my husband was busy for a while. I went in the studio and painted. I had been to Mayfield park and painted the lily pads live. I got to thinking over the last couple of days about Monet's lily pads. I had a book of postcards of Monet that my Mother had given me. I studied the lily pad postcard a bit. His lily pad pond was a bit lighter than the one I was painting from - I assume as he painted the water a light blue. It was interesting to notice that he outlined his lily pads in a dark color. I thought I would give it a try so I started painting the lily pads from Mayfield Park of which I had photographed. I started them Saturday on 2 6 X 6 canvas pads taped together. I had been wanting to paint a series type of painting (not sure what you call it). Anyway, I started it Saturday and Sunday I had sometime and worked on outlining and finishing up some of the pads. It turned out really dark. It was unintentional but for some reason lately my paintings have come out dark. In Provence our instructor Ian, told Ann her painting was stormy. She said they were going to have to call me stormy. The pictures here of my paintings are pretty grayed as I took them outside. Inside they are a more vibrant, though still dark, green. I'm sure that I am not finished with these paintings but I thought I would post the photo so you could see what I mean. Also, it makes the blog more interesting. I am still also working on a small figurative painting which I have not photographed yet.

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