Thursday, February 12, 2009

Painting outside the lines

Today I painted at Mount Bonnell with Nina, who was in the group that painted with Ian Roberts in France (Provence). Since we came home, we have been trying to paint together weekly somewhere outside in Austin. I painted the house and the reflection. I ended up wiping off the reflection part of the painting. I wasn't happy with it. I mainly paint outside to help develop my painting skills. I don't always come away with a finished painting. It was a GORGEOUS day! Ian ( came in January for a week long workshop. He will be back in October. If you are interested in this workshop, email me. Ian liked the composition of the picture of the road leading to the river view. We did not end up painting there because no one wanted to lose an arm or leg painting on the side of such a busy road.

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Karen Rike said...

What a gorgeous day. I love Mount Bonnell. I can imagine how gorgeous the view was yesterday.

You inspire me to get out and paint Plein Aire.