Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jill Carver Wimberley Workshop

Monday through Wednesday I did a plein air workshop with Jill Carver. Ruthie, Suzanne and Ann from my trip to France were also in the workshop. We painted in Wimberley at Blue Hole. Only one day was without rain so we were only able to go outside Tuesday. I learned a lot. This painting is of the Texas State Cemetery. I painted it from a photo. It is a little more abstract than what I normally do but the goal was not to have a masterpiece, it was to get correct values in the painting so it was successful. Jill, the teacher, really liked it. She likes to paint more abstract. She is a great teacher and I realize what I need to concentrate on.

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Ellestads Dancing Donkeys said...

I just looked at your painting "Three Donkeys". I love it. I enjoyed the paintings on your blog also. I raise donkeys myself. Do you still have that painting?